Inscription Ideas


In Loving Memory Of
In Affectionate Remembrance
In Remembrance Of
Fond Memories Of
Cherished Memories Of
With Love We Remember
Life Of Virtue Everlasting
Precious Are The Memories Of
Sacred To The Memory Of With Love We Remember
Treasured Memories Of
Happy Memories Of
Everlasting Memories Of

Variations to dates of death

Born & Died
Passed Away
Fell Asleep
Sunrise & Sunset
Called To Rest

Verse Ideas

Only Goodnight, Not Farewell
Always Remembered, Never Forgotten
Always In Our Thoughts, Forever In Our Hearts
Earth Has One Gentle Soul Less, Heaven Has One Special Angel More
Gone But Never Forgotten
Together Again
Too Dearly Loved To Be Forgotten
Life’s Well Done
Rest In Peace
Resting Where No Shadows Fall
As you loved us, we love you
Remembered For Precious Times Shared Together

Remembering You Is Easy,
We Do It Everyday,
Missing You Is A Heartache,
That Never Goes Away

Deep In My Heart You Will Always Stay,
Loved & Remembered Everyday

Our family chain is broken,
Nothing seems the same,
But as God calls us one by one,
The link shall join again

If Tears Could Build A Stairway And Memories A Lane, We’d Walk Right Up To Heaven And Bring You Home Again

Tis Better To Have Loved & Lost, Than To Have Never Loved At All

Life so rich and loving, so generous and kind
Can’t help but leave a legacy of memories behind

Sunshine Passes, Shadows Fall,
Love & Memory Outlasts Them All