Lifting The Lid Podcast

Senior Funeral Director Andy Eeley at G. Seller is hosting ‘Lifting The Lid’ to dispel the myths and address those questions you’ve always wondered about. The team behind the pioneering podcast are passionate about tackling the taboo and misconceptions. 

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Welcome To Our Podcast

Most of us have got questions around funerals and what really happens that intrigue us but never actually find out the answer until one of our loved ones pass away. This can be the hardest and most vulnerable times of your life.

It could have been infinitely more comforting to know the honest, transparent and reassuring information so you can make an informed decision when the time does come. Episodes are released every month, and Andy will be joined by his co-host, fellow professionals and experts in their field to discuss the topics.

A photo of Lifting The Lid Podcast Host, Andrew Eeley
Andrew Eeley Podcast Host
A photo of Lifting The Lid Podcast Co-Host, Joe Clarke-Ferridge
Joe Clarke-Ferridge Podcast Co-Host