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Care, Compassion & Attention To Detail Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do

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Our key aim at G. Seller is to look after families, as if they were part of our own family. Everything is geared towards doing things right. We’ve got one chance!

Our team are at the core of those values, without the right team and ethos, we can’t provide service excellence. A person can possess all the knowledge, experience and qualifications but without compassion or empathy it’s meaningless.

Our team members tend to be with us for many years and we refer to everyone as part of the G. Seller family, we are a close knit team that aim to attain the highest levels of bereavement care.

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Joseph Barsby Managing Director

Working at G. Seller

Here you can read what members of our team feel about working here, from various positions within the business.

A photo of , Kate Frost
Kate Frost Senior Funeral Director

I started with G. Seller in September 2011 after leaving a career in the travel industry and deciding I wanted to become a Funeral Director. After doing some research in the industry I knew that this was not going to be something I could become overnight but was ready to begin learning.

When I first started at G. Seller, I worked 26 hours in the Memorial department. This was perfect for me as I had young children. Doing the administration for memorials, liaising with parish councils, ministers and bereaved families gave me a great head start in my future roles. I ensured that I went to as many cemeteries as possible and got a good understanding of rules and regulations. This also gave me the first insight into dealing with families that had experienced a loss of a loved one, although at a later point in their grief.

After six months, I moved from the memorial department to working on reception on a part time basis. Here I ensured that whilst I could not work full time due to my family commitments, I would learn as much as I possibly could. I was determined to be involved in helping the Funeral Directors out when I was needed and demonstrated to them, that I was capable to one day become a Funeral Director.

As my role evolved, I came away from main reception duties and worked 30 hours a week as a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Consultant. This really gave me the confidence and initial knowledge for arranging funerals. I was able to put everything that I had learnt previously into practise but with out the added pressure of being at time of need. I really enjoyed the rapport I could build with families and soon it became apparent that this was also incredibly important to the client signing up for the plan and putting their trust in the company to look after them when they pass away.

In 2017 I became a full time Funeral Director and all those years of learning as much as possible really did pay off. It takes a certain type of person to be able to do this role, you must care, be a good listener, problem solve, be a shoulder for anyone to come to, be friendly, calm, patient, dedicated, quick thinking and knowledgeable. It is not a role that finishes at 5 o’clock and its also not ‘just a job’. We care about every single deceased and their loved ones left behind. We have just one chance to make their funeral perfect and that is what we shall do, with careful precision and direction.

Becoming a funeral director meant I could do the last thing anyone could ever do for anyone and that in itself makes me very proud. 

A photo of , Alan Morris
Alan Morris Part Time Funeral Operative

Hello, my name is Alan Morris, I have had the honour and privilege to work within G Seller part time for the last seven years.  G Seller is the only family independent funeral directors within Hinckley.

I would like to explain what my role involves in order that you get a taste of what is required from you, to work within our dedicated friendly family team.

First and foremost your appearance must be immaculate at all times, with shoes cleaned clothing pressed and of smart appearance. I am clean shaven but if you have facial hair such as a beard it must be tidy and presentable.

You must be polite, courteous, reliable and hard working whilst maintaining confidentiality at all times.  You must possess the emotional strength and resilience around death and grieving families, whilst maintaining a calm mature and compassionate manner.

You will be required and training will be given, to drive our fleet of vehicles which includes limousines and hearses. Our limousines carry up to six passengers. You will be expected to help clean our vehicles and keep them immaculate like your personal appearance. Training and guidance will be given in the way we clean and hoover and prepare our vehicles.

You will be required to attend funerals as a driver and or bearer. Again you will receive full training in order for you to complete this role. You will be part of our team of driver/bearer at locations of Crematoriums or burials within Church Yard or public cemeteries. You must be physically fit, we often shoulder our coffins and you will form part of team bearing the weight of a coffin.

You will assist the team with placing any flower arrangements into the hearse prior to attending the funeral.

The procedure at burials is slightly different to funerals within the Crematoriums. You will form part of the burial advanced party going ahead of the hearse and limousines in order to prepare the grave side and ensure all the equipment is correctly in place.

We are very fortunate to have our own Chapel for family services, here you may be required to be in charge of the music plus ensure the correct function of any family photographs which are electronically shown during the service, at the appropriate time. Full training will be given on equipment.

Working part time within the G Sellers family, will also require you to be flexible and help out with any other task. Often I help out the full time staff in visiting local hospitals or any other hospital in the UK. Whilst walking around our complex often rubbish is blown onto our premises footprint which will need clearing away.

It is an honour and privilege  to work within the funeral industry and as such your bearing must mirror this, we are a friendly caring family and I enjoy every minute of it.

I hope this has given you a small insight into working part time with us here at G Seller.

G. Seller Team Benefits

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We want you to feel an ownership, passion, pride and care for the company and the families we’re privileged to serve. Together we create the gold standard and can look each & every family in the eye knowing we’ve given them the best and made a difference! Before you apply to join the G. Seller family, please do your research and give a clear cover letter as to why you’d like to join the team. This is a profession and career that has a lot of commitment, it’s not just a ‘job’ and for us, this is our vocation.

Death in service award 2x salary

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Birthday off as goodwill as long as within the working week

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10 days contractual sick pay after 12 months service

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Long service recognition with bespoke lapel pins, extra holiday, personal letter, monetary gift

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Annual 10 year service event

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Opportunity to study for industry qualifications

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Wedding gift to celebrate your happy day

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Maternity gift to celebrate your new arrival

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Family atmosphere

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Annual company Christmas party with your partner or +1 invited and paid for

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Refer a friend/family member for a pre-paid plan and get £40 back

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Complementary telephone support through SAIF care (6 sessions free)

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Making a real difference to the families we serve

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As flexible as possible with hospital/dental appointments

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Support for individual charitable fundraising initiatives

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Christmas token gift – party, turkey cobs, bonus, cup cakes

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Current Opportunities

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Please find below the current opportunities available or to register your CV with us.

No Current Vacancies

There are no vacancies currently available at G. Seller. However, if you think you have the skills and experience that would make a difference to our team then please use the button below to register your CV with us.

Aside from any specific vacancies listed above, you are welcome to register your CV with us and detail your experience and role suitability in an attached covering letter below. We look forward to receiving your interest, but cannot promise to reply to every message received.

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