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Bereavement Support

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G. Seller can provide Bereavement Support to any of the families we have been privileged to care for.

If you or a member of your family are struggling with your emotions after the death of a loved one, please know that you do not have to go through this alone. 

Sometimes the pain may feel overwhelming, that's why it is so important to look after yourself at this time. Grieving for your loved one takes time and healing happens gradually. Try and be patient with yourself and allow the process to naturally unfold. Bereavement Support can be one way to help you heal from your loss. 

G, Seller's in house counsellors, Alison & Tracy are qualified and have both worked in bereavement for many years.  

The service consists of 1 to 1 support and groups. 

1 to 1 Support

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Some people prefer to talk on an individual basis, 1 to 1 support can provide a safe confidential space to work through the difficult feelings and emotions that you are experiencing.

You will be offered up to 6 sessions, to be arranged weekly or fortnightly. 

Sometimes it is hard to talk to family and friends and you just need that one person who takes the time to listen and helps you to understand and process some of your painful emotions. 

There is a moderate charge for 1 to 1 Bereavement Support, although this is subsidised by G Seller as much as possible.

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Bereavement Groups

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Losing a loved one is a very emotional experience, by coming to a bereavement group we hope it can create a gentle space to share and explore some of the difficult feelings you are experiencing with your grief. 

Grieving can feel very lonely at times, so by being with people who are going through something similar and truly understand what you are going through may allow you to work through your grief and make some sense of how you are feeling. 

The group offers a relaxed and safe space to come together and express your emotions and share experiences to help normalise your grief and can help to take away the anxiety of 'Am I going mad?' or 'Am I grieving right?' Grief can appear at any time. 

Bereavement Groups are monthly and you will be invited to 6 sessions. There is a small fee to attend. The venue & date information will be given to you at your initial meeting with us. 

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Coffee Mornings

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Following your 6 Bereavement Support sessions with us, whether in a group or 1 to 1, you will be invited to join our monthly social coffee morning.

There is no agenda to these gatherings, just a cuppa and a catch-up!

This space may also provide a chance to keep in touch with people who may be experiencing similar feelings to yourself. 

Grieving can feel very lonely at times, so we hope this group brings some comfort allowing you to be with people who truly understand.

There is a small charge to attend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you feel unsure about accessing the counselling, it may be helpful to read the information on our website. We offer an initial assessment appointment where we can discuss your needs. You are under no obligation to take up the counselling at this point if you do not feel ready. There is not a time limit to accessing our bereavement services, so you are welcome to contact us at any point in the future if support is needed.

Whilst we can offer various levels of bereavement support as you work through your grief there can sometimes be other mental health issues that are identified during the counselling process. If this is the case, we will work with you to access onward counselling support with an appropriate agency.

Yes, counselling sessions are confidential. Your therapist is ethically bound to keep what you share private.

It's important to know that our counsellors are registered with The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and are obliged to have a supervisor overseeing their work, to ensure that they are working within the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice. While they might discuss the generalities of your case with their supervisor, a therapist would not divulge your identity, and the supervisor would also be under oath to protect the privacy of any information that is shared.

Our counsellors provide a safe environment in which to explore your grief and are highly trained in bereavement counselling. With bereavement therapy you are free to discuss what you wish that is affected by your loss, from everyday events, dilemmas, feelings, and thoughts, to regrets, aspirations, memories, and dreams.

The initial assessment session is free of charge. Ongoing 1 to 1 counselling is charged at £35 per session and bereavement group therapy is charged at £5 per session. 

Our 1 to 1 counselling sessions are offered either weekly or fortnightly. This can be discussed with your counsellor and the decision of frequency will be yours.

Bereavement group sessions are held monthly.   

The counselling sessions, whether 1 to 1 or group, are just for you to attend. We understand that accessing counselling support can be anxiety provoking in the initial stages but please be assured that our counsellors are highly experienced in creating a safe, confidential space for you to explore your grief.  

Should you need to cancel an appointment we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice (unless in an emergency). If you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice the counselling session will be charged at the usual rate.   

There is no set number of sessions that you have to attend. We initially offer you six 1-1 counselling sessions or 6 group sessions. This is flexible and some people need less than 6 and some need a few more. It is an individual process which your counsellor will discuss with you as the sessions progress. 

Counselling sessions usually last between 50 minutes and 1 hour. There can be some flexibility with this in certain circumstances and this will be assessed by your counsellor. 

This can take many forms such as 1 to 1 counselling or group counselling. After you have completed your sessions, either 1 to 1 or groups, you are invited to join the bereavement social groups such as coffee mornings. The counselling is appropriate for those who are struggling with their grief whilst events like coffee mornings address the loneliness and isolation that can occur after the loss of a significant person in an individual’s life. 

It is normal to grieve after the loss of someone close to you, feelings of anger, sadness and longing are all part of the grieving process. If after a while, these feeling continue to feel overwhelming it may be appropriate to access bereavement counselling support. The initial assessment we offer is helpful in assessing the most appropriate support needed.

Our Bereavement Support Team
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Bereavement Support

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