Arranging A Childs Funeral

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Things To Consider When Arranging A Funeral

There are many decisions to be made when thinking about funeral arrangements. 

Making decisions when you are shocked and grieving is not easy. Making decisions when you are shocked and grieving is not easy. So please don’t feel you have to make a final choice straight away. It can be hard to decide what you want. Families sometimes find that they don’t want the same things and need time to reach decisions. You may also want time to discuss your choices with other family members and close friends. There is no rush and we will go at whatever pace is right for you. 

This brochure has been designed to help you look in your own time at just some of the options available. Your dedicated Funeral Director is there to discuss them with you and provide further personalisation options where it is befitting. 

The first decision to make before any funeral arrangements can be made is whether the service of committal for your child will be a burial or cremation. This information is required by the registrar / Coroner initially and certainly something we as the Funeral Directors will need to know to progress with any arrangements.

Some Choices To Consider

  • Where you’d like the service to be held. This could be held at our onsite Barsby Service Chapel, a full service at the crematorium, a service in Church, or something a little more personalised, such as a unique venue. A unique venue could be a in a field with a marquee or on a race track. The options are personal and should be befitting to the person that has sadly passed away.
  • Whether you’d like your child to come home the night before the service.
  • Sometimes families like to hold the casket or coffin into the ceremony venue and even throughout the service.
  • We have a specially adapted Mercedes S-Class, which means you can travel with your baby safely to their final resting place. 
  • If you require any limousines to take you to the ceremony. Each limousine seats up to 7 people. 
  • The choice of coffin or casket. 
  • A theme to the funeral could be the theme of their nursery or their favourite TV character. 
  • What clothing you'd like your like to be dressed in and if possible you may wish to do this yourself. Consider anything you would like to be with your child, such as blankets, teddies, letters or cards. 
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A Bespoke Funeral Example Cost

This is an indicative pricing example. Items can be removed, amended, or other personalisation choices included.

Our Charges - £245

Third-Party Charges

Usually Waived
Details on services offered can be viewed by selecting the circle "i" icons.

All minister and third party costs differ, the vast majority of local crematoriums and cemetery’s make no charge for any child up to the age of 18. Your funeral director will be able to go through everything in detail with you.

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Baby Funeral Vehicle
Our Mercedes S-Class has been specially designed for you to travel with your little one on the day of the funeral.

This will seat a maximum of 2 passengers and can give you the opportunity for reflection whilst we travel to the committal venue.

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Child Funeral Vehicles
We pride ourselves on the modern Mercedes-Benz fleet we have.

Each limousine can seat up to 7 passengers. We also have a long wheel base S-Class saloon that can seat 4 passengers. 

Personalisation Options

There are lots of ways to personalise your funeral plan, such as:

A photo to represent funeral personalisation option 'Choice Of Venue'
Choice Of Venue
Barsby Service Chapel

The Barsby Service Chapel was designed and built on site in Hinckley to allow you to have the funeral service in one place with complete flexibility to have the funeral you want, without the time restrictions.

A photo to represent funeral personalisation option 'Choice Of Venue'
Choice Of Venue
Tipi Hire

The funeral can take place at a wide range of venues, this could include hiring a Tipi. 

A photo to represent funeral personalisation option 'Alternative Hearse'
Alternative Hearse
Horse Drawn

A choice of the beautiful black or white horses, with the option of matching outrider. 

There are options of having a white, silver or black hearse to accompany them.

A photo to represent funeral personalisation option 'Bespoke Funeral Stationery'
Bespoke Funeral Stationery

We can provide a wide range of bespoke and personal funeral stationery. These include orders of service, attendance cards, memorial portrait photos, memory boards, bookmarks and memorial cards. 

A photo to represent funeral personalisation option 'Live Music'
Live Music

Live music makes a real difference to the funeral. There is a wide variety of options for live music. These could include a singer, a choir, a harpist or a brass band to name just a few. 

A photo to represent funeral personalisation option 'Dove Release'
Dove Release

Dove releases can be arranged for the funeral. This can range from a single dove to 20. You have the choice of whether you'd like to personally release them or whether they are all released independently. 

A photo to represent funeral personalisation option 'Family Pall Bearers'
Family Pall Bearers

Carrying a loved one's coffin can be a really powerful and personal way to convey them on their last journey. We strongly recommend to do a practice with us before the day of the funeral. 

A photo to represent funeral personalisation option 'Floral Tribute'
Floral Tribute

We can provide a wide range of floral tributes. We have a comprehensive brochure that your funeral director can go through with you to select what tribute you'd like. 

A photo to represent funeral personalisation option 'Handmade Keepsakes'
Handmade Keepsakes

These beautifully created handmade keepsakes are designed using your loved one's own clothes. The teddy bears can incorporate additional hidden keepsakes such as locks of hair or cremated remains. A truly treasured way of keeping your loved one's memory alive and close by. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are more than happy to be lead by you. Some people prefer to concentrate on registering their loved one's death before meeting with one of the funeral directing team. Whereas other families want to see us very quickly.

The arrangements and options will be put together at your pace. If you need multiple meetings to get the structure of the funeral put together, then that is fine. Your personally appointed funeral director is there help and guide you every step of the way. 

If registration hasn't taken place, we won't be able to put a time and date in place, but we can still put all the preparation in place for when the paperwork is sorted. 

When a loved one passes away, the last thing you want to worry about is the logistics of their funeral. Many people believe that they have to wait three weeks before the funeral can take place, but this is not necessarily the case.

Before the funeral date can be confirmed, the required paperwork needs to be in place. There is different paperwork depending on whether the service of committal is a burial or cremation. 

Planning the funeral:

Your funeral director will ask you when you’d like the service to take place, it shouldn’t be a case of you being told when it is taking place. 

To book the funeral service, you will need the paperwork as explained above in place and to have considered the below:

  • Where you’d like the funeral to take place. There are many options whether to have a service in The Barsby Service Chapel, a Church, the full service at the crematorium, the full service at the graveside, or alternative venue such as at a Racing Circuit for example. The options are endless and your funeral director can guide you through this.
  • What kind of service you’d like, is it to be a Celebration of Life or something more traditional? Would you like a minister of faith to take the service or a funeral celebrant?
  • Are there any dates to avoid? Are there anniversaries or birthdays coming up that you definitely don’t want the funeral to coincide with?
  • What kind of time of day would you like?

This is not an exhaustive list but gives you an idea of considerations and factors that would affect when the funeral can take place. 

We will bring your loved one's cremated remains into our care the next working day after the funeral. We look after your loved one's cremated remains with respect in our columbarium until you decide on how you'd like to lay your loved one to rest. There is a lot of cremated remains options, please click on the link

Funeral Enquiry Form

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