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What Does A Workshop Include?

The G. Seller Bereavement Support team have developed a wide and unique range of support to try to make as much of a positive difference as possible. 

Through extensive feedback, we are aware of the considerable challenges when supporting children and young people in a school environment following a significant bereavement.

We can deliver Educational Workshops to:

  • Senior leadership team and teachers
  • To the students of the school
  • Or both

The aim of the workshop for school staff is to:

  • Enable you to support your students effectively following the loss of a significant person in their lives
  • Practical ways to support young people
  • Understanding of self care 

Workshop content: 

  • A brief overview of the theory of bereavement
  • The needs of a bereaved child or young person
  • The reality of how grief can affect a student
  • Management of a sudden death in school
  • Understanding the grief journey and the impact of secondary losses

The workshops for students are more activity based and will aim to educate on what bereavement is, what emotions are associated with grief and how to communicate with someone who is bereaved. We provide workshops specifically designed for both primary and secondary school aged children. 

We can provide a wide range of services that follow on from the initial workshop.

This can be in the form of:

  • Reviewing or creating a Bereavement Policy
  • Giving immediate advice or providing support when a bereavement occurs within the school community 

Our team is highly experienced and passionate about making a difference. We can create support that suits your needs and particular challenges. If you have any queries or need any support, please contact our Bereavement Support team using the enquiry form below or by calling us on 01455 637457.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Through feedback within the counselling work, we have become aware of the considerable challenges faced by school staff when supporting bereaved children and young people in a school environment.

The Bereavement Education Workshops are designed to help teachers and support staff feel more confident around addressing bereavement issues with students. We believe in a proactive approach to addressing bereavement support and having the best interests of your students and staff in mind.

The Bereavement Workshops are equally beneficial to both teachers and support staff. The initial workshops are often attended by student support staff as they can often be the first point of contact for a young person who is struggling in school.  

We recommend keeping the workshops to small groups of 5-8 members of staff. Small groups enable everyone to get as much from the session at possible.

Statistically, one student in every average class is affected by bereavement at some point in their academic life. If staff understand how grief can affect a young person, they will naturally feel more confident in their ability to support that student.  

Our workshops are delivered by experienced bereavement specialists who are also fully trained counsellors that working with both adults and young people. They will consult with you to understand your needs and tailor the workshop accordingly. 

The initial workshop’s aim is:

  • To enable you to support your students effectively following the loss of a significant person in their lives
  • To provide practical ways to support young people through the grief process
  • To gain an understanding of the need for a school Bereavement Policy
  • To understand the need of self-care for both students and staff 

Workshops for 5-8 members of staff are charged at £295 per 90 minute session.  We can also deliver a specially developed workshop for the pupils, which are charged at £295 per 90 minute session.

Bespoke workshops designed for specific groups are also charged at £295. We offer rapid response support in the event of an unexpected bereavement in the school community, and this is charged at £60 per hour. 

Following on from the initial Bereavement Education Workshop schools often identify groups or individuals that would benefit from Bereavement Education or support. We can work with you to develop specific support for those individuals.

We also offer support in the development of a School Bereavement Policy, as well as offering ongoing consultation with any bereavement support issues that may arise in the future.    

We will come to your school to deliver the workshop at a date and time to suit you. We need you to provide an appropriately sized room and a screen for a Power Point presentation.

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