What is included in a Golden Charter funeral plan?

When it comes to planning a funeral, there are a lot of things that need to be considered G. Seller works in association with Golden Charter which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. There are so many choices available and this blog will discuss the different options available with G. Seller.

Our promise at G. Seller is that we will make sure your golden charter funeral plan is put together properly and seamlessly. This means it will make sure there is no uncertainty about your final wishes for your loved ones. Therefore they will be spared much of the stress and uncertainty of organising your funeral when you sadly pass away.

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a safe and secure way to plan ahead for your or someone else’s funeral. G. Seller offers The Independent Way Plan which allows you to tailor make your funeral plan, no matter how simple or unique. You can specify every detail in advance and guarantee professional services within G. Seller’s control. 

A funeral plan with G. Seller will make sure you get Your Funeral, Your Way; no matter how simple or unique that may be. 

The majority of providers only can offer a ‘set’ plan, which means that very few of your wishes or requests are taken into consideration. It also means that there are only ‘set’ amounts towards professional services and third-party costs, whereas in an Independent Way Plan this is all itemised to your requirements, thus making sure that the plan is completely fit for purpose.

The advantages of planning a funeral in advance

There are a number of advantages to planning your funeral in advance:

i) There will be no uncertainty about your final wishes which can alleviate stress on your loved ones.

ii) Planning ahead makes great financial sense. The average cost of a funeral has increased by 33% in 10 years, mainly due to the increase in third-party costs such as crematorium fees. 

iii) G. Seller’s professional services are fixed at today’s prices so no matter how much they increase by, your family will not pay the difference. 

What is included with a golden charter funeral plan

Everything included in an Independent Way Funeral Plan is itemised by you. This includes the funeral director’s professional services, hearse, coffin, and any limousines you’d like. These are guaranteed at today’s prices.

Third-party costs included in your plan could be the minister or officiant fee, crematorium or burial costs, or doctor’s medical certificate (if applicable).

You could even include newspaper notices, floral tributes, catering, orders of service, and memorial masonry services

It is Your Funeral, Your Way.

Arranging your funeral plan

We put together your funeral plan with the same level of detail as if it was today, no detail is too small to be taken into consideration. A lot of decisions don’t necessarily incur a financial cost but are still important for your family to know. For example, if you want to be dressed in your own clothes, what music you’d like to play, where you’d like the funeral cortege to leave from and what your favourite flowers are. This is part of our promise to you that we will go through all the finer details that truly gives you the funeral you want and without any uncertainty for your loved ones. 

We recommend arranging a no-obligation appointment with one of our fully trained consultants to go through everything at your pace (either at your home or in our funeral home, whichever is most comfortable for you). We are here to look after you as if you were part of our own family. 

After the appointment, we can put together an itemised quotation tailored to you, which allows you to make a truly informed decision.

Find the right funeral plan for you

We have created some indicative examples of the funeral plans you can create, but these can be amended to suit you and your requirements. 

You can find out more here https://www.gseller.co.uk/funeral-plans/compare-funeral-plans/

Payment options 

There are various ways to pay for your funeral plan, it just depends on which option is right for you.

Single Payment Option 

You make a one-off single payment.

12 Monthly Payment Options

If you would prefer to spread the cost, you can pay over 12 monthly payments by Direct Debit at no extra charge. You will be covered once all payments are made. 

It is necessary for a one-off plan administration fee to be applied to the cost of every plan. This covers all of Golden Charter’s costs in setting up the plan and the work involved in the preparation of your funeral arrangements. 

Installment Payment Option

For a lower monthly payment, you can also choose to spread the cost of your plan between 2 and 15 years. 

This option includes the added benefit of the Golden Charter Pledge, which ensures if you pass away at any time after you have made 12 consecutive payments, the benefit of your plan will be provided, with no further payments to be made. 

For monthly payments and more information, please speak to one of G. Seller’s fully trained planning consultants. 

What would be the next step for someone who is thinking about this?

If you’re considering a funeral plan, the best thing to do is to speak to one of our fully trained planning consultants. They will be able to answer any questions you have and help you put together a plan for your needs. Call us on 01455 637457 to speak to a planning consultant today.