What do you call a funeral without a service?


A funeral without a service is often referred to as a Direct Cremation, Direct Burial or an Unattended Funeral. This type of service has become more popular as a consequence of the worldwide pandemic  coupled with the lack of choice possible for the person’s funeral service throughout this time.

What is a direct cremation or burial?

Direct cremation or burial is one of the many funeral options available for families to say goodbye to their loved ones. Unlike a funeral, direct cremation or burial does not involve a funeral service. Instead, the deceased is taken directly to the crematorium or cemetery, without any family in attendance.

How does direct cremation or burial differ?

Direct cremation or burial differs from a funeral service as it does not include any tributes, music or personalised celebrations of that person’s life. Family and friends don’t get the opportunity to spend any time with their loved one in the chapel of rest. 

When the person sadly passes away, they will be taken into the funeral director’s care. It is a common misconception that G. Seller don’t offer this type of service as it’s not a funeral service. G. Seller can provide a direct cremation or burial service. 

Once all the legal paperwork is in place, the direct cremation or burial is booked. The person will be washed and dressed in a simple nightgown, and laid to rest in a simple coffin. G. Seller doesn’t compromise on care and dignity, regardless of how simple the service is. There are many occasions where large, stand alone direct cremation operators use vans to collect up to 6 deceased across the country and do not wash or dress the person before they are cremated. 

On the day of the direct cremation or burial, G. Seller will still use a Hearse and meticulously well presented attendants to oversee the cremation or burial. There again is no compromise on dignity and respect. The stand alone direct cremation operators will again arrive at the crematorium with multiple deceased people in their van, and take them through to the cremator – G. Seller doesn’t believe this is respectful or acceptable. 

These practices aren’t clearly explained in the aggressive TV adverts and leaflets to households, it marketed as ‘no fuss,’ it doesn’t clearly explain ‘no dignity’ in the process.

Why would you choose direct cremation or burial over traditional ceremonies?

Many people do not always understand why family members and loved ones would choose a direct cremation or burial rather than a funeral service. There is a well respected view that a funeral is as much about the person that has sadly passed away, as it is about the family and friends saying goodbye. There are views that if direct cremation or burial became more and more popular, there could be a long term concern that people will have suppressed grief as they could feel they haven’t properly said goodbye.  

The reasons why some people choose direct cremation or burial is:

  • They feel they are taking the pressure off of their family or closest friends of having to organise the funeral service. 
  • They feel they are taking off the financial burden of the funeral with choosing the most simple option.

Both of these concerns could be alleviated by the person planning ahead with their funeral wishes so there isn’t any uncertainty about their funeral wishes or put together a comprehensive funeral plan that could be paid for in 1 lump sum, over 12 months at no interest or over 2 to 20 years. 

G. Seller offers many funeral services so you can say goodbye to your loved one the way you want. Our professional and respectful team will provide the care and support your family needs. Please get in touch with our office today if you want to learn more.