The significance of poems within a funeral service

A poem within a funeral service should help to capture the essence of that person’s character, achievements, or your relationship with them. There are many types of funeral poems: poignant, profound, comedic to name but a few.

The right funeral poem should bring comfort and provide a memento of the service for the person’s loved ones. There are a range of popular poems some of which are listed here. Please feel free to browse this selection for some ideas.

Bespoke Poems

For the most personal, unique poem, we work closely with a local poet who can write a funeral poem specially for the day. The basis of a bespoke poem is to create a truly personal and unique keepsake of the service. Our poet needs to understand what you’d like the tone of the poem to echo.

For example, perhaps you would like to recount anecdotes of funny moments in your loved one’s life, remember their achievements or celebrate their overall character. Here is an example of the brief and information sent to our poet recently, followed by the poem that was written:

  • The family wanted the poem to provide funny anecdotes whilst also showing elements of her strong and independent character.
  • Colleen was a strong, independent lady and forthright with her views
  • She drove quite fast!
  • She once tripped over and into someone’s picnic when on a day out with her daughters! Everyone ended up howling with laughter.
  • She used to love going to groups at the Age Concern in her local town and being an active member of the groups.
  • She was a life-long Liverpool FC supporter.
  • After buying her first microwave, she insisted that 3 minutes wasn’t long enough for the pastry would be cooked in 3 minutes, so put it on for 30!
  • When cooking a pavlova in the oven, she kept checking on it only to see mice had got into it, brought into the house by her cats!
  • She also lost her handbag in Sainsburys, insisting that it was the in the store and that the security guard should check their CCTV! Her daughter finally persuaded her to go back to the coffee shop to check, and it had been there all along!

Although our hearts are heavy
We wanted to share some funny times
Our beloved mum, Grandma and friend
Colleen and her moment of primes

She was prone to falling over
No matter where she went
Even falling into people’s picnics
Every trip was an event

Covering up her mishaps
Her opinion loud and strong
To all those that knew her
Her opinion was never wrong

Driving like a boy racer
Occasionally nearly running people down
If there was an award for fastest driver
Mum would surely get the crown

When her first microwave was purchased
She didn’t believe what the instructions had to say
Cooking the pasty for 30 minutes
Instead of 3- oh what a day

The funny times we look back on
All the great stories we have together
The laughter that Mum brought to us
Will make us smile forever

Leaving a Pavlova in the oven
Mum came back to check it twice
Only to see the second time
Looking back at her were mice!

‘I’m looking after the oldies’
She’d say as she was running her groups
Half of them were younger than her
Mum was a great leader of her troops

Insisting her bag was stolen in Sainsbury’s
Ordering security to run all around
Turns out she left it in Costa
If only she’d listen and head homeward bound

She will be missed so very much
Her funny quirks and ways
We will remember all these stories
Remembering the good old days

In true Colleen style
Supporting Liverpool through and through
You’ll never walk alone Mum
Even with the angel wings you’ve grew

We will keep you in our memories
You’re the brightest star in the sky
Mum we love you forever
This is just the hardest goodbye

Your funeral director will send you a draft of the poem before anything is finalised and signed off. The poem can be included in the printed order of service, together with being incorporated on a bookmark or memorial card for those attending the service to take away.

Another example from a service was when a family member speaking at the funeral, had the poem written without anyone else knowing because they felt is really created a special memory and their loved one’s really appreciated it.

The brief was: I’d like it to be anecdotal and not too sympathetic, he’s had a good life and all the family have very different experiences of him – a man very proud of his achievements; growing from nothing to become successful in business

  • He owned property, always wanting to know what was happening at ‘Busy Corner’, a row of shops the family own
  • He was devoted to his wife, Rosemary, who unfortunately has had dementia for many years.
  • They loved cruising, going around most of the world
  • Loved to bet at the bookies and go to Napoleon’s casino in Leeds
  • He liked watching sport, keeping up to date with Leeds and Joseph’s team, Leicester City
  • He enjoyed playing sports particularly golf and snooker, and had a table at home
  • Was completely independent up to 92 years of age
  • He loved Pontefract cakes and liquorice all sorts
  • Always took the grandchildren to Blackpool on holiday which then progressed to taking the family cruising
  • Made his opinion known, very clearly, and could be quite forthright
  • His saying was always ‘take care pet’ or ‘alright pet.’ So I think it’d be nice to sign the poem off with this.

The final poem was:
Ronald – we wanted to share our favourite times
We wanted to keep your memory bright
Even saying goodbye today
We hoped to shine a little light

A very successful and proud man,
Your life began from a humble start
Succeeding in growing an empire,
Ensuring your business ran from the heart

What’s happening at ‘Busy Corner?’
Were your famous words to ask!
The row of shops the family own,
Asking about it was your favourite task

You always made your opinion known,
You didn’t shy away from the truth.
You never mixed your words,
Even from when you were in your youth.

Rosemary, your cherished person with you through life,
And always by your side,
Enjoying cruising around the world
Both most content, sat watching the tide

You two were great together,
You infuriated her up by whistling a tune
Indulging in a soft scoop of ice cream,
Happiest on a sunny afternoon

It was always you she looked for
It was always you that made her smile
Her love was always meant for you
Sharing a love forever; not just a while

You loved to take the grandchildren away,
We had so many holidays together.
Memories from visiting Blackpool
Will stay with us all forever.

You always kept up to date with sport,
Leeds were your favourite football team
You’re own snooker table at home
You were truly living the dream!

Napoleon’s in Leeds,
Is where you’d love to spend an evening or two
Secretly supporting Leicester City
Hoping to catch a cheeky game- or maybe a few

You loved a liquorice all sort
No secret that you had a soft spot for sweets
Maybe Pontefract cakes were your favourite
Or anything that was meant for a treat!

A lovely husband, dad and grandpa
You are someone we will never forget
Your famous tag line will stay with us
Rest easy now and ‘Take care Pet’

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