The May Chapel

As part of the development of G. Seller for the future new chapels of rest have been designed and The May Chapel is dedicated to the memory of Dorothy May Jarvis, the aunt of senior funeral director Rhonda Astill.

As is the case with each of the five chapels of rest, there is a personal story behind them, part of the journey that the family and the business have been on together, and in the naming of the May Chapel, Rhonda recognises that the memory of her aunt who passed away nearly forty years ago will continue to be remembered.

As she explains “memories never fade and you can never forget a loved one who gave so much to remember.”

As Joseph Barsby, third generation director concludes, “We wanted to name the chapels of rest after something that means something special to us as a team. Our business is built around caring for people and families in their time of need and to be able to reflect on something as personal as the memory of a loved one in the name of each of our chapels of rest is something really special, to us as a family, and the extended family of our staff who take pride in all they do each and every day.”