Our Services During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Our Services During The COVID-19 Pandemic

We want to assure you that we will still look after you and your loved one as if you are part of our family.

We are doing everything we can to work within national guidelines to keep yourselves and our team safe, whilst still looking after you to the highest standard.

Talk To Us

If you are unsure about anything at any time, whether it is related to Covid-19 or not, please call or contact us.

We can arrange your loved ones funeral over the phone, so everything can still be put in place if you are self-isolating or displaying any symptoms.

Caring for your loved one

We will look after your loved one in a dignified and respectful manner, whether they have passed away from Covid-19 or not.

Chapel of Rest

Coming to spend time with your loved one in the Chapel of Rest is still possible. We ask for a maximum of 2 people in the Chapel of Rest at any one time.

If it has been confirmed that your loved one had Covid-19, then Chapel of Rest visits can only take place with a closed coffin. We’d just ask that any family members that have come into contact with your loved one will need to self-isolate for 14 days from the day that they last saw them and if they aren’t displaying any symptoms after this, then we can arrange this visit

If it is suspected that your loved had Covid-19, then we have to do all of the above until we receive the confirmed results.

If your loved one has passed away from other causes, we you have the choice to have an open coffin.

Our Advice

Our recommendation is to have your loved one’s funeral service in our onsite Service Chapel, allowing you to still have a personal and befitting farewell. It allows you to have options and flexibility of when you’d like the service to take place, a pictoral slideshow, music choices and not feeling like you are in a queue of funerals about to take place; it is personal and befitting.

If family members or friends can’t attend, we can professionally record the service and send on to them as soon after the service as possible.

Local crematoriums and burial grounds working practices are constantly changing, with little or no notice.

We are limiting the number in attendance to 15 people and the Service Chapel is large enough to socially distance.

We ask that anyone displaying any symptoms to not attend the funeral, our premises and contact us immediately. It is possible to postpone the service.

Answering your questions

Yes you can, this can be done in person at either of our offices or conducted over the phone. We ask that the minimum amount of people attend (maximum of 3 people).

If you are self-isolating or displaying symptoms with no access to email, we can drop any documentation off at your doorstep, wait in the car while you sign and then collect back from your doorstep.
There is no specific delays at present.
It all depends on how long you’d like the funeral delayed for. Please speak to one of our funeral directors to discuss.
Choices of music, slideshows, coffin choices, funeral stationery (orders of service, bookmarks, memorial cards), announcements in the paper, online obituaries, raising donations and a limited supply of floral tributes.
At present the guidelines say it should be limited to immediate family who are not in the high risk categories and not self-isolating. In the instance where the person that’s passed away has no immediate family, we are mindful that close friends may be the only people the person has got and this should still be accepted.

At present the limitations locally are:

Barsby Service Chapel, G. Seller – 15 people
Heart of England Crematorium, Nuneaton – 12 people with all chairs spread out 2 metres apart
Countesthorpe Crematorium – 20 people
Burial Grounds differ, please speak to us to get the most up to date information.

Memorial Services

With only a very limited number of people being able to attend and a number of restrictions at present, it may be a good idea for you to have a memorial service for your loved one at a later date. This could take place on a poignant date that means something to you and your family, and when there are no restrictions on social gatherings.

Please let your funeral director know if this is something you’d like to consider and we can contact you after things go back to normal to put this in place.

Unfortunately not, this is not considered an integral part of the service. We’d recommend to have a memorial service followed by a reception at a later date, when these regulations have been lifted on social gatherings.