Local Leicester Lockdown

With the ongoing challenges associated with the Coronavirus pandemic the eyes of the UK are now on Leicester as it becomes the latest hotspot and the first area of the UK to be the focus on additional local lockdown measures.

As with any significant changes there can be ramifications for those organising a funeral for a loved one.  As Joseph Barsby, Managing Director of G Seller explains, “We will need to pay close attention to developments as they could result in changes to practices at cremaoriums and cemeteries.  At the present time Hinckley is not affected but the situation continues to evolve and we need to be aware of the implications of any changes too.”

As Joseph adds, “If anyone has any concerns they should speak to their personally appointed funeral director who will be able to advise them about the situation and address any worries that they may have.”

Full details of the area covered under lockdown have yet to be released but the BBC website has an updated news piece on the situation here