Joseph Barsby Takes To The Air Waves!

Last week saw our Managing Director, Joseph Barsby, taking to the airwaves again with an insight and behind the scenes tour of our Hinckley funeral home as BBC Radio Leicester came to visit.  Joseph explained all about the history of the business and the pride and passion that the family and the team have for all that we do, and have done for over 100 years.

Ben Jackson from BBC Radio Leicester talked to Joseph about the business, what it means to serve the community as a family business and also gave us the chance to further dispel some of the myths around the subject of prepaid funeral plans as well.

You can hear the interview in full here  (fast forward the show to 1:11:55 from the beginning)

As Joseph concludes, “It is a real privilege to do what we do and we are really proud of our offices and the way that we engage with the local community.  It was a pleasure to show Ben around and explain in more detail what we do and the level of care that we take in performing our duties, and to showcase our family business that has been at the heart of the local community for over 100 years.”