Cremated Remains Options

Cremated Remains Options

We have a showroom which you can visit to view examples of the different options that are available, or please click here to download our Urns and Keepsakes Catalogue.

There are a range of options for your loved one’s cremated remains. We are here to help and guide you through the alternatives. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.



If you are considering a permanent memorial for your loved one, we would recommend interring their cremated remains in a local Cemetery or Churchyard.

We can advise you about purchasing a plot in a local Cemetery, or which Churchyards will allow cremated remains plots.

We can provide a range of befitting cremated remains caskets.

It is nice to be able to have your loved one’s memorial fixed on their grave to coincide with laying your loved one to rest. As we have our own Memorial Masonry department and showroom, we can give the best possible advice and make sure that this is done for you.



The majority of local cemeteries have a specified garden of remembrance area set aside for scattering cremated remains.

However, it is important to bear in mind that not all will allow individual memorials, such as wall plaques or memorial kerbs. We can offer you advice on what is permitted in each cemetery.

Other options for scattering are:
A place that was special to your loved one, Woodland areas, Beaches or Parks.

We have to advise that permission should be sought from the owner of the land in which you intend to lay your loved one to rest. We can provide a scatter tube for you take the cremated remains in, and they can be discreetly scattered in the area of your choosing.


At Home

You could have your loved one at home to keep them close to you.

We offer a selection of Ornamental Fibreglass, Ceramic or Enamelled Urns and Picture Frame Urns in a range of styles, finishes and sizes.

We are here to help you select the perfect option to display discreetly within your home and remember your loved one.

To browse the full range of urns and other keepsakes please click here to download our Urns and Keepsakes Catalogue.


Laying To Rest In The Garden

If your loved one was a keen gardener or enjoyed spending time in the outdoors, we can offer a selection of garden tributes that your loved one’s cremated remains can be laid to rest inside.

Select from our range of planters, benches and other garden features to find the perfect tribute for your loved one.

Our skilled Memorial Masons are expert in installing your tribute.

To view our bespoke Garden Tributes please click here.


Retaining & Sharing Amongst Family Members

There is always an opportunity to retain cremated remains for family members.


Cremated Remains Keepsake Jewellery

We can provide small keepsake scatter tubes, or if you are looking for something a little more ornate, we can supply miniature keepsake urns and jewellery.

We supply a wide range of pendant and braceket designs to allow you to chose the most fitting item.

All jewellery is available in sterling silver, gold and white gold.

To see the full range of jewellery and other keepsakes please click here to download our Urns and Keepsakes Catalogue.


Memory Bears & Cushions

Items of your loved ones’ clothing can be hand crafted into a range of hand made memory bears, cushions and throws.

Many of the items can feature accessories such as a memorial photograph, buttons and matching protective bags.

Each bear is a bespoke item. Please contact us for more information.

To see the full range of memory bears, cushions and other keepsakes please click here to download our Urns and Keepsakes Catalogue.