Bespoke Service


£4,932 *

The Bespoke Service offers the complete flexibility of choice in creating as individual and unique a funeral service as you would like, befitting to the personality of you or the person you are planning ahead for. We will take care of every detail.

*This price includes all services in the table below.


Our Bespoke Service includes:

All arrangements and admin

This includes us liaising with all the third parties involved in putting the funeral together, this incorporates but isn’t limited to the Doctors Surgery, Hospital, Minister, Church, Crematorium or Cemetery. It also includes going through all the arrangements with your next of kin, at their pace. They will never be rushed, and they don’t have to arrange everything in one meeting. The arrangements for the funeral can be put together in the comfort of their home or in any of our funeral homes, at a time that is convenient to them. The funeral should take place at a time and date that is as close as possible to what they would like and they shouldn’t be dictated to.

Preparation and presentation of deceased

This includes looking after you, washing and dressing in a choice of bespoke nightgowns or in your own clothes. There is no extra charge for either, you or your next of kin has the choice. This also includes carrying out embalming treatment with your family’s permission.

Conveyance into our care

This includes bringing you into our care in a conveyance vehicle. We are passionate and proud to say that we convey you into our care individually. This means that everyone we are privileged to serve is treated with the utmost dignity and respect, rather than being transported with other people. We will care for you, how we’d want to be treated ourselves.

Private Chapel of Rest

This includes the use of a Private Chapel of Rest. Each Chapel is individually designed to be as comforting and homely as possible.

Bosworth/Burbage Oak Veneered Coffin

The Bosworth and Burbage Oak Veneered coffin is a traditional, elegant coffin with beech beeding and moulding. The Bosworth has a light stain and the Burbage has a medium stain. There are other options on request; from natural wicker to themed.

Motor hearse

We pride ourselves on our modern Mercedes-Benz Hearses that are meticulously maintained by our dedicated team.

Conductor and Pall Bearers

Our team of Conductors are also the Funeral Directors who arrange the funeral with your next of kin. They are their personal point of contact throughout the arrangements and on the day of the service. We are passionate about providing them with complete continuity of care, we only have one chance, and we will do everything we can to make sure it is done correctly. Our team of Pall Bearers are there on the day to look after you, drive the funeral vehicles and assist the Conductor to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Online Obituary

The online obituary is a complimentary option which allows people to donate to your chosen charity or charities seamlessly. People can leave messages, memories and confirm their attendance to the funeral. The funeral address and details can be included to allow it easier for people to plan their journey.  

Collecting Your Cremated Remains

We pride ourselves on bringing your cremated remains into our care as soon as possible. They are not left at the crematorium for any longer than necessary. You are brought into our care and laid to rest in our onsite columbarium to either await or carry out your loved one's wishes.

Bereavement Support

The unique Bereavement Support service is there to provide support to any next of kin or wider members of the family of anyone we have been privileged to service. The support is there if your family need it, without any pressure or obligation.  The service encompasses 1 to 1 support, as well as bereavement groups and a monthly coffee morning to come together to meet other people when you have completed the sessions.

Third Party Charges:


The choice of whether to have a minister or officiant take your service is very personal. The choices are whether to have a minister of faith or a funeral celebrant to reside over proceedings. There are slightly different costs depending on your choice. We can also arrange for you to meet a minister or officiant to go through the content of your service, to further alleviate any uncertainty for your loved ones.

Crematorium fee

This is the fee for the crematorium, this can vary between crematoriums. We have included £1090.00 which is the Heart of England Crematorium, Nuneaton price. This could be amended if you chose another crematorium, for example Countesthorpe, Gilroes, Great Glen, Loughborough or Rugby.

Doctors Fee

The doctor that has been looking after the person that has passed away has to put together a cremation document, called the Cremation 4 - Medical Certificate. This forms part of the statutory paperwork needed to allow for the cremation to take place.


We pride ourselves on our modern Mercedes-Benz Limousines that is meticulously maintained by our dedicated team. Each limousine seats a maximum of 7 people, fitted with a full panoramic roof.

Floral tribute

There is a wide variety of floral tribute options, each can be customised to your specification. As long as the flowers are in season, then the tribute can be made. This ranges from a traditional coffin spray to a small posy to a bespoke 3D horse; there are a multitude of options. We have included £105.00 in this plan, which can be amended to suit your requirements.

25x Orders of Service

Orders of Service provide an outline for the funeral service in terms of readings, words to songs or hymns, poems and music. It’s also a really important way to remember the person’s funeral and becomes such a meaningful memento. We have a full range of designs and options that can be as simple or unique as you’d like. There is no charge for the design, it just depends on the quantity you require printing.

Golden Charter Arrangement Fee

The Arrangement Fee is a one off cost of £285 which Golden Charter retains as a contribution towards setting up your funeral plan.

G. Seller Arrangment Fee

G. Seller charges a one-off £50.00 to set up your funeral plan which includes all appointments, administration and liaison of getting your funeral plan put together.


£4,932 *

Bespoke Service

Our Charges - £2,945.00

  • All Arrangements & Admin
  • Preparation & Presentation of deceased
  • Conveyance into our Care
  • Private Chapel of Rest
  • Bosworth/Burbage Oak Veneered Coffin
  • Motor Hearse
  • Provision of 1 Limousine
  • Conductor & Pall Bearers
  • Online Obituary
  • Collecting Your Cremated Remains
  • Bereavement Support
Third Party Charges - £1662
*There will only be more to pay at the time of the funeral if the third party costs exceed the itemised allowance when you buy your plan, or if the costs increase by more than the growth of your plan.
  • Minister/ Officiant - £220
  • Crematorium Fee - £1,125
  • Doctors Fee - £82
  • Floral Tribute - £105
  • 25 Bespoke Orders of Service - £130

  • Golden Charter Arrangement Fee - £285
  • G Seller Arrangement Fee - £50

Overall Total


Payment Options

Single Payment Option*

You make a one-off single payment.

12 Monthly Payment Option*

If you would prefer to spread the cost, you can pay over 12 monthly payments by Direct Debit at no extra charge. You will be covered once all payments are made.


Total: £4,932.00
Deposit: £49.00
12 Monthly Payments of: £402.75



Instalment Payment Options*

Spread the cost over a period of between 2 & 15 years, depending on your current age. There is an instalment charge included within the monthly payment amounts, you must be 78 or younger to select this option and no older than 80 at the end of your chosen payment term.


Total: £5,171.62
Installment Charge: £236.64
Minimum Deposit: £49.00
24 Monthly payments: £211.36


Total: £5,564.40
Instalment Charge: £632.40
Minimum Deposit: £49.00
60 Monthly payments: £91.09


Total: £6,279.00
Instalment Charge: £1,347.00
Minimum Deposit: £49.00
120 Monthly payments: £51.50


Total: £7,052.40
Instalment Charge: £2120.40
Minimum Deposit: £49.00
180 Monthly payments: £38.63


Personalisation Options

There are lots of ways to personalise your loved one’s funeral, such as:


Horse Drawn Hearse

Floral Tribute

Funeral Stationery

Family Pall Bearers

Dove Release



Live Music

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