Friends Of The Elderly

Friends of the Elderly’s vision is a society where all older people are treated with respect and have the opportunity to lead fulfilled lives. As a national charity with over 100 years’ experience, they provide support for all older people, particularly those in need due to mental or physical frailty, isolation or poverty.

Friends of the Elderly has launched a new campaign recently and is calling on everyone to Be a Friend and help change the future of loneliness.  Loneliness has a devastating impact on the lives of older people and it’s on the rise. Over five million older people are affected by loneliness, more than one million say they are often lonely, and this number is predicted to increase 40 per cent by 2030.

Having everyday interactions with other people has been proven to combat loneliness, which is why the team hear at G. Seller & Co. have signed up  to Be a Friend and connect with older neighbours and members of their community. Being a Friend is easy; it’s simply getting to know the people that live around you and looking out for each other where you can.

As Amy Barsby. Director at G. Seller & Co. Ltd explains, “We have been part of our local community for over 100 years and it is the people that define the very essence of where we work, live and play.  Continuing to be a part of the community is really part of the fabric of who we are and what our business is all about and we are delighted to be taking part in this campaign.”

“Loneliness is a terrible thing and as part of our involvement with the campaign we are hosting a number of tea parties to bring the elderly together, to have a cup of tea and a chat, to play some games and to hopefully find some friends,” continued Amy.

To find out more about the campaign, to become a friend, or to make a donation please visit the website here and help to combat loneliness.