Do you know what the role of a Funeral Director really entails?

The role of a Funeral Director is really varied, and encompasses many different responsibilities and subsequently different uniforms. We’ve shown a brief description of the attires below and the associated responsibilities:

Office Attire – All of the team wear a charcoal suit in the office – it creates a sense of unity, we pride ourselves on our appearance and office uniform is apart of this.

Pall Bearer – Being a part of the funeral service team on the day of a funeral, assisting the Funeral Director by shouldering the coffin, handing out orders of service, meeting and greeting guests, playing the music, being in charge of placing the flowers in the correct location at the venue, driving the hearse or limouinses. Wears a smart tail coat, oxford shoes, Windsor knott tie and a crisp white shirt.

Conductor / Ceremonial (Winter) – Conductors don’t wear their top hats but always carry them. They are worn however when on a horse and carriage. Andy’s uniform for when he is custodian of the deceased, on the day on the funeral uniform.

Conductor / Ceremonial (Summer) – See winter description above.

Call Out Uniform – This is worn at any point day or night by our conveyancing team, when someone sadly passes away and they are conveyed into our care or to a hospital.

Cremated Remain Interments – Uniform worn when we lay a loved one to rest in their final resting place – usually in a cemetery or churchyard.