Kate Bilclough

Funeral Director

Kate Bilclough

I started with G. Seller in September 2011 after leaving a career in the travel industry and deciding I wanted to become a Funeral Director. After doing some research in the industry I knew that this was not going to be something I could become overnight but was ready to begin learning.

When I first started at G. Seller, I worked 26 hours in the Memorial department. This was perfect for me as I had young children. Doing the administration for memorials, liaising with parish councils, ministers and bereaved families gave me a great head start in my future roles. I ensured that I went to as many cemeteries as possible and got a good understanding of rules and regulations. This also gave me the first insight into dealing with families that had experienced a loss of a loved one, although at a later point in their grief.

After six months, I moved from the memorial department to working on reception on a part time basis. Here I ensured that whilst I could not work full time due to my family commitments, I would learn as much as I possibly could. I was determined to be involved in helping the Funeral Directors out when I was needed and demonstrated to them, that I was capable to one day become a Funeral Director.

As my role evolved, I came away from main reception duties and worked 30 hours a week as a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Consultant. This really gave me the confidence and initial knowledge for arranging funerals. I was able to put everything that I had learnt previously into practise but with out the added pressure of being at time of need. I really enjoyed the rapport I could build with families and soon it became apparent that this was also incredibly important to the client signing up for the plan and putting their trust in the company to look after them when they pass away.

In 2017 I became a full time Funeral Director and all those years of learning as much as possible really did pay off. It takes a certain type of person to be able to do this role, you must care, be a good listener, problem solve, be a shoulder for anyone to come to, be friendly, calm, patient, dedicated, quick thinking and knowledgeable. It is not a role that finishes at 5 o’clock and its also not ‘just a job’. We care about every single deceased and their loved ones left behind. We have just one chance to make their funeral perfect and that is what we shall do, with careful precision and direction.

Becoming a funeral director meant I could do the last thing anyone could ever do for anyone and that in itself makes me very proud.