Alan Morris

Part Time Funeral Service operative

Alan Morris

Hello, my name is Alan Morris, I have had the honour and privilege to work within G Seller part time for the last seven years.  G Seller is the only family independent funeral directors within Hinckley.

I would like to explain what my role involves in order that you get a taste of what is required from you, to work within our dedicated friendly family team.

First and foremost your appearance must be immaculate at all times, with shoes cleaned clothing pressed and of smart appearance. I am clean shaven but if you have facial hair such as a beard it must be tidy and presentable.

You must be polite, courteous, reliable and hard working whilst maintaining confidentiality at all times.  You must possess the emotional strength and resilience around death and grieving families, whilst maintaining a calm mature and compassionate manner.

You will be required and training will be given, to drive our fleet of vehicles which includes limousines and hearses. Our limousines carry up to six passengers. You will be expected to help clean our vehicles and keep them immaculate like your personal appearance. Training and guidance will be given in the way we clean and hoover and prepare our vehicles.

You will be required to attend funerals as a driver and or bearer. Again you will receive full training in order for you to complete this role. You will be part of our team of driver/bearer at locations of Crematoriums or burials within Church Yard or public cemeteries. You must be physically fit, we often shoulder our coffins and you will form part of team bearing the weight of a coffin.

You will assist the team with placing any flower arrangements into the hearse prior to attending the funeral.

The procedure at burials is slightly different to funerals within the Crematoriums. You will form part of the burial advanced party going ahead of the hearse and limousines in order to prepare the grave side and ensure all the equipment is correctly in place.

We are very fortunate to have our own Chapel for family services, here you may be required to be in charge of the music plus ensure the correct function of any family photographs which are electronically shown during the service, at the appropriate time. Full training will be given on equipment.

Working part time within the G Sellers family, will also require you to be flexible and help out with any other task. Often I help out the full time staff in visiting local hospitals or any other hospital in the UK. Whilst walking around our complex often rubbish is blown onto our premises footprint which will need clearing away.

It is an honour and privilege  to work within the funeral industry and as such your bearing must mirror this, we are a friendly caring family and I enjoy every minute of it.

I hope this has given you a small insight into working part time with us here at G Seller.