Family History

  • 1910
    William and Hannah Pratt were carriage masters. Hannah was also a laying out lady.
  • 1914
    William Pratt passed away. Hannah Pratt carried on with the business with the help of George Seller…. See more
  • 1916
    Joseph Charles Barsby ‘Charlie’ was born. He was the only child of Charles Seabridge & Mary Hannah Barsby in Newbold Verdon.
  • 1938
    G. Seller became funeral directors with the introduction of our own carpenters…. See more
  • 1947
    Charlie Barsby finished his 7 year apprenticeship as a wheelwright with Thomas Hodgkin. A wheelwright served the local community with the ma… See more
  • 1948
    Hannah Pratt passed away.
  • c. 1950
    With the changing attitudes and need for motorised transport, families wanted the chance to visit their loved one in a Chapel of Rest and th… See more
  • July 1964
    Charlie Barsby bought the business from George Seller. George wanted to retire and gave Charlie the first refusal to purchase to which he ac… See more
  • October 1968
    G. Seller & Co. Ltd moved into a new purpose built funeral home that stands to this day, with the latest facilities including enclosed garag… See more
  • July 1971
    David Charles Barsby, Charlie’s youngest son decided to give up his aspiration of becoming a professional footballer and train to become a… See more
  • December 1971
    George Seller passed away.
  • January 1972
    David C. Barsby passed his embalming exams achieving the highest marks in the British Institute of Embalmers that year.
  • May 1974
    David C. Barsby gained his Diploma in Funeral Directing and became one of the youngest fully qualified Funeral Directors in the UK.
  • December 1975
    David and his wife, Rose, went to live and run G. Seller & Co.
  • 1979
    G. Seller & Co. purchased the four cottages and Co-Operative store. The grocery store was to become a new memorial showroom and stone worksh… See more
  • 1982
    The car park and Old Co-Operative bakehouse was purchased after the Sunbro Hosiery Company ceased to trade…. See more
  • 1981-1983
    This saw the updating of our fleet with 3 new Rolls Royce Phantom VI limousines. One of which was built for a Royal Tour of New Zealand.
  • 1982
    The catering room was opened and a full drinks licence was granted.
  • May 1988
    Rose Barsby passed away…. See more
  • May 1990
    Joseph Charles Barsby senior passed away…. See more
  • January 1991
    David and Susan Barsby got married.
  • November 1991
    Joseph Charles Barsby, the only son of David and Susan Barsby was born.
  • 1995
    Introduction of our first ever low line Volvo fleet.
  • 2004
    Newbold Verdon branch office opened…. See more
  • 2005
    Introduction of our first Mercedes-Benz fleet.
  • 2006
    The bakehouse was extensively refurbished.
  • October 2011
    Joseph Charles Barsby joined the firm.
  • December 2014
    Amy Elizabeth Smith joined the firm
  • March 2015
    G. Seller & Co. Ltd purchased a new fleet of 3 black Mercedes-Benz Limousines.
  • June 2015
    Newbold Verdon branch was extensively refurbished…. See more
  • November 2016
    Joseph and Amy got married…. See more
  • January 2018
    The fourth generation, Alexa Elizabeth Barsby was born. Alexa is the daughter of Joseph & Amy Barsby
  • January 2019
    The comprehensive 18 month renovation programme of the main office in Hinckley was finished
  • July 2021
    Second member of the fourth generation of Barsbys, Rosie Grace Barsby was born. Rosie is the second daughter of Joseph & Amy Barsby

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