G. Seller On The Radio

Following on from the recent news release on the issues around Pre-Paid Funeral Plans, our director Joseph Barsby has been featured on BBC Leicester with Ben Jackson discussing the matter.

As Joseph explains, “This is a national issue and people really need to understand what a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is and what they are buying and who they are buying one from.  As a family owned funeral director that has been serving the community in and around Hinckley and Leicester for over one hundred years we always seek to offer the best advice to the families we serve, making sure they are fully aware of the plan they are taking out and the costs involved.  We are passionate about what we do and are backing a campaign for greater transparency and awareness to reduce the emotional impact and distress that comes to light when a family realises that the plan they had purchased is not what it seems and they are left to cover costs that they were led to believe had been fully paid for in advance.  We want to see an end to unscrupulous practices and are proud to support a campaign for greater clarity when it comes to the sale of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans.”

As Joseph concludes, “The right plan purchased from the right provider is a great way to negate the issue of rising costs in the future and can provide peace of mind to families at a time when they do not need to be worrying out paying for the funeral.”

You can hear Joseph and his thoughts on BBC Radio Leicester using the link here, scrolling forward to 1.38.00 in the recording.